Light for a Dark Season: Bible Study Now Available at Amazon

I’ll begin blogging through this book about six weeks before Christmas. You can use the blog without the book, or the book without the blog–but you will need a Bible to do the study. My book is just a roadmap through a journey in the Word.

Click on the title to order:  Light for a Dark Season. (If you are in my Bible study class at church, I have already placed an order for our books. )

From the cover:  It’s the darkest time of the year. Nights are long and discouragement hits hard. Grief, unmet longings and unexpected changes weigh heavily on our spirits. Choosing to treasure God’s faithfulness is one way to deliberately seek the light in this dark season. Light for a Dark Season is your guide through the Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas seasons—all remembrances of God’s faithfulness. First we’ll spend two weeks studying Biblical people who trusted God’s promises. These men and women show us how to worship and depend on God during times of loss, longing and change. Next, we’ll spend Advent looking at scriptures of promise. The season of Advent does not ignore our broken world—in fact it cries out to God with laments and unanswered questions. Advent reminds us to trust God’s faithfulness within the darkness and to remember that Jesus will return. And then, when Christmas arrives, we’ll see God’s promises come true in a stable. We’ll pray for direction in the coming year and trust God’s faithfulness to carry us in every dark season.

Just as I did in my Psalms study, I will be posting the daily entries on this blog, so the book is not absolutely necessary. But if you are easily distracted (as I am), you might find it easier to focus with a book instead of a computer.

You can read the full introduction here.


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