A Review

from an Amazon customer:

I have followed this author for many years and really like her writing style. She is very down-to-earth and has a way of writing that helps one understand the Bible in today’s words. This book is a great companion for the holiday season as it will help you stay focused on the Reason for the Season – and will keep you in the Bible! It won’t take hours every day to follow along in this Bible study, but you’ll feel as if you did. I recommend this as an early Christmas gift (I purchased a few copies for gifts) and look forward to following along with my friends in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you LOVE the holiday season – you’ll love this book! If you are one of those who feel sad around the holidays – this will guide you back to feeling joy and less stress!

Click on the title to order: Light for a Dark Season.

Photo Credit: Henk Bouma


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