Savoring the Season

I’ll begin posting the daily study readings on November 19. Until then, I will post several times a week, sharing a few thoughts on autumn and Thanksgiving and God’s faithfulness.

Yesterday was Halloween. As usual, I put off buying a few important items until the day I needed them. We visited the Dollar Store, Michaels, Walgreens, and Sprouts Grocery Store. Every store was already stocking Christmas items and decorating their store with garlands and red bows.

I understand that retailers have to plan ahead. I realize that there are people who start their Christmas shopping now.

But all this Christmas stuff on October 31 stresses me out.

I don’t want to think about Christmas yet. I don’t want to be counting down the days, and anticipating the pecan pie. I want to savor today.

I’ve spent too much of my life wishing for the next season.

It took me quite a few years to appreciate November in the desert. I was very focused on what late autumn really should feel like. I’m from Washington state. Novembers are dark and wet and cold. (July can be wet and cold too, but it is slightly brighter.) I need an autumn before I jump into winter holidays. Today it was over 70 degrees. I wore flipflops and I was thankful I didn’t have to seek out a matching pair of socks to wear with actual shoes.

I have given up the “how it should feel” mentality and relaxed into the desert autumns. I found rituals that help me feel autumnal.

Many of my fall rituals are foods or drinks: pumpkin spice lattes from Sambalatte, roast hatch peppers and pumpkin chili. Last year we drove up to Mt. Charleston and enjoyed the fall color. Maybe that should become a ritual.

Looking ahead to the next season, the ritual of Advent will assist me to slowly get into the mood for Christmas, while still enjoying the weeks leading up to it. It helps me not to rush the season but to think about each week as it comes: the Abraham week, the Isaiah week, the John the Baptist week and the Mary week. Each of these helps me to remember that whether I am feeling rushed or lonely this particular year, God is faithful.

You can join me in treasuring God’s faithfulness here on this blog or in the Light for a Dark Season book.

Photo copyright Amy Mayfield


One thought on “Savoring the Season

  1. That is so beautiful. Thank you! It is dark, stormy, and cold here in the Northwest. I am looking forward to focusing on each week of the season. This was the first October that I can remember, in a long time anyway, that the colors here were so vibrant, everything was so beautiful and bright, and the “dark & ugly” decorations of October were nearly totally absent. Decorations were autumnal and cheery. Now that it’s dark weather, it’s time to focus on the light, and the Light that was coming into the world. Thank you, dear Ruth.


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