December 27 Remembering the Apostle John

Psalm 92 (links to scriptures here)

Exodus 33:18-23

I John 1:1-9

John 21:19-24


Psalm 92:  As the year draws to a close, we are all conscious that we are getting older. The end of Psalm 92 reminds us that God calls us to flourish spiritually in all seasons of our lives.

Exodus 33:  God promised to be with Moses as he led the people of Israel into the Promised Land. Moses begged God to show him his glory. This was not a selfish request for a great vision. Remember that God’s presence was visible to the Israelites in a daytime cloud and a nighttime pillar of fire. Moses asked for continued guidance and awareness of God’s presence.

I John: The Apostle John wrote the book of John, as well as I, 2 and 3 John. John lived longer than any of the other disciples, so when he wrote about seeing and touching Jesus, this was important because he was the last living eyewitness to many of Jesus’ earthly experiences.

John 21:  John never called himself by name in the book of John. He described himself as “the disciple that Jesus loved.” In this passage Jesus told Peter that he would eventually be martyred. When Peter wanted to know what John’s future held, Jesus advised him to mind his own business. This is a wonderful reminder at the end of the year. As we review the events of our year and look ahead to the next, we can get distracted by other people’s amazing year-end stories. Let’s remember that we are individually beloved of God, and his plans for each of us are unique.

Treasure: Beloved

When you know, as John knew,
that you are beloved,
when you have touched and felt God’s lovingkindness
and his faithfulness in the night season,
you will long to be a trustworthy witness as you share that love with others.

Photo Credit:  Henk Bouma


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