New Year’s Week, Day 2

You’ve spent several weeks praising God for his faithfulness and his promises. Now it’s a new year and it’s time to think about how you will focus on God’s word in a new season. I know, the cover of this book only mentions the end of the year. I didn’t think “Treasuring God’s Faithfulness as the Year Ends and into the New Year” was an easy subtitle.

Psalm 119 is a prayer of dedication to God’s word. I divided it into three sections, but if you feel you are reading too fast, please slow down and spread it over a week or two. As you read, look for verses you can pray as you ask the Lord for a new commitment to his word this year.

Read Psalm 119:1-56.

Treasure: Keeping to the course

Oh that my steps might be steady,
keeping to the course you set. (Psalm 119:5 Message)

Lord, this is my prayer for the new year:
keep my steps on your path.

Photo Credit: Henk Bouma

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